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New Brands

Whitehorn helps clients define—or refine—their vision and put that vision to work in the marketplace. Whether we're creating a new brand or repositioning a multinational corporation, launching a new consumer product in the mass market or building a global licensing program—our practical, engaging solutions help realize a brand's true potential—in any category and any market.

New Products

Whitehorn is a premier full-service branding agency whose business planning and strategic development solutions attract a world-class clientele, including corporate giants, celebrities, innovative product manufacturers, energetic entrepreneurials, and visionary nonprofits. Our team includes strategy, innovation, research, corporate branding, national retail product sales, licensing, publishing and marketing professionals handpicked for their experience, expertise, and creativity.

New Markets

Nimble, insightful, and inventive, Whitehorn Group offers a comprehensive range of services to meet our clients' multifaceted needs—from full-fledged business strategy, retail channel development and brand solutions to targeted initiatives that penetrate new markets. Whether advising during a merger or acquisition, introducing an innovative product, launching a digital marketing plan or helping create new revenue streams—our clients have discovered that we consistently deliver results that change markets—and increase shareholder value.

Data Downlink — a spin-off of Knight Ridder — was providing a unique blend of business and financial information to wide range of financial institutions and related organizations. While successful, we were retained by the founders to study and suggest a way to amplify the brand image and present a cohesive identity that would take its diverse products and services to a new level.
Working closely with the executives, we helped position and repackage the company and its services, including the business search engine known as Portal B and database service, excel under the new name and brand name Alacra. We then created a new visual identity and system to organize all communications within an elegant and appropriate brand identity across all products and services, presenting a cohesive market facing identity and value proposition.
Alacra now has a diverse customer base of more than 600 companies, representing over 50,000 end-users worldwide. The company’s primary focus is investment and commercial banking, as well as management consulting, law and global companies. Alacra continues to provide fast, sophisticated online and offline services that allow users to quickly find, analyze, package and present mission-critical business information.

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