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New Brands

Whitehorn helps clients define—or refine—their vision and put that vision to work in the marketplace. Whether we're launching a new product in the mass market, creating a brand or building a global licensing program—our practical, engaging solutions help realize a brand's true potential—in any category and any market.

New Products

Whitehorn's business planning and strategic product development solutions attract a world-class clientele, including corporate giants, celebrities, innovative manufacturers, energetic entrepreneurials, and visionary nonprofits. Our team includes strategy, retail sales, innovation, research, branding, licensing, publishing and marketing professionals handpicked for their experience, expertise, and creativity.

New Markets

Nimble, insightful, and inventive, Whitehorn offers a comprehensive range of services to meet our clients' multifaceted needs—from full-fledged business strategy, retail channel development and brand solutions to targeted initiatives that penetrate new markets. Whether introducing an innovative product, advising a corporate transaction or helping to create new revenue streams—our clients have discovered that we consistently deliver results that transform entire markets—while increasing shareholder value.

The financial arm of the Episcopal Church found that it had grown into $9 billion organization, broken into separate businesses each providing a different financial service to the national body of the Church. These services included property and casualty insurance, life insurance, health insurance and pensions. While highly valued and successful, there was tremendous confusion with communications from each of these businesses which was impacting perception. White Horn Group was retained to study and suggest a way to clarify the brand image and present a cohesive identity.
Positioning: Working closely with the executive management of each business, White Horn Group helped develop and state positioning and achieve consensus for the entire group of businesses and CPG as a whole.
Design System Architecture: Once the positioning was in place, White Horn Group then worked to unify and coordinate all communications through a comprehensive design system architecture allowing for consistency and flexibility. Each business was provided with new rules and standards which ensured brand clarity.
Implementation: Through templates, standards and handson support, White Horn Group assists CPG in numerous aspects of its identity and communications.
Our clear brand positioning and design work built this brand into a cohesive organization with one single voice. We helped constituents understand the value of each individual service offering while maintaining the brand of the Episcopal Church across all media, dramatically enhancing perception.

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