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Announcing the Launch of

October 2nd, 2013

I am pleased to announce the launch of, a new website and information resource specifically for single men and women to understand how they can become parents on their own as a single individual now—without waiting for “The Relationship” to happen first.

By starting the website and sharing my own journey to becoming a single fatherwho is also gay, I hope that my lifetime experience will help other single people—gay or straight—fully understand that they also can realize the very real and human dream of parenthood for themselves.

Long before former Vice President Dan Quayle challenged the fictional television character Murphy Brown regarding her decision to be a single mom in the early 90’s, public dialogue had focused on the topic of single parents raising children on their own. When single parenthood was discussed, the conversation did almost always center on single women. This is now changing to include single men thanks to the miracle of gestational surrogacy.

A new parenting trend is emerging, but this time for single men. Famous singer Ricky Martin became the father of twins through surrogacy. As he clarified, he never intended to have a partner as a co-parent. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 1.7 million single fathers in 2011.

This trend is partly because many mentoday—both gay and straight—fail to find suitable partners to start a family. Thus, a few are starting to do soentirely on their own. Those whoconsider adoption often meet numerous obstacles andeventually give up because they don’t know the alternatives. This is why I am launching,so other single men and women can learn how they can become parents through sharing my own experiences.

Through the miracle of IVF and gestational surrogacy and with the help of two compassionate women—one woman was an anonymous egg donor and the other woman was the surrogate—I conceived my first infant child earlier this year.  I am the proud biological father of my daughter Sophia and I am also a single man living in the New York City region, with a life filled with much love from family and friends. I believe firmly that the time was right for me to start a family on my own and so I very intentionally became a single father. A new important mission was added in my life and I am now proudly raising nine-month-old baby Sophia on my own.

Through gestational surrogacy countless single men and women who feel they would make good parents can fulfill their dreams. I feel that’s something most men would want. The world is changing in a positive way for this, for single men to be parents.I am willing to share my truth so that many other single people will understand they too can become parents. When my daughter was born, it was an experience that is indescribable.It was like my heart opened immediately.

Undoubtedly, times have changed in America since this ever-evolving conversation first started decades ago. A single parent who also happens to be gay, I am proud to lend my voice to this cause.

In fact, just like Murphy Brown, our own story continues to be featured on television, radio, the Internet and in print. But this time around, visitors to will hear our real-life tale about how I very intentionally became a single father,together with continuously updated information and resources for how other single people may also become parents themselves.

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